Are you already a freedive and what to continue learning?

We will tailor a course based on your level and skills so you can go even deeper and explore your self and your freediving with advanced techniques and training methods. We will work with your mental approaches to freediving and try to do maximum dives in the pool and in the depths. When you want to take your freediving to the next level the mental balance and bodily awareness is key.

Depending on your level, this course may include:

– mouthfill equlisation techniques

– diving below residual capacity

– mental and bodily adaptation to the depth

– free fall techniques

– professional freediving equipment

– rigging ropes and floats for freediving

– deep diving Physiology

– deep diving Psychology

– fitness training for freediving

– food for freediving

– freediving rescue and safety

Duration: depending on level
Price: depending on level


Enjoy the world underneath the sea

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