Take your first steps into the fantastic world of freediving.

You will receive education that is tailored and perfect for just you. With three days of freediving educations there is all the time to get the feel of freediving and to adapt your mind and body to the ocean world.

You will during the course learn about freediving physiology, safety in freediving, philosophy of freediving – breathing and relaxation training. You will master finning techniques, diving techniques and equalization, which are key points to be safe and confident in the water.

In total we have 6 full freediving sessions over the course of three days. Confined water sessions: For practicing confidence,breathhold, relaxation, rescue/safety, fining techniques. Open water sessions: We go to depths from 0 to around 30 meters.

You work with mental balance, relaxation, equilasation and safety/rescue skills. Depending on YOUR adaptation, progression and WISHES!

Duration: 3 days

 Price: €445
including all material, certification and online ressourses

Or just Try to Freedive

This course is for you who just want to try freediving

Now is the chance to satisfy your curiosity with this introduction from one of the world’s best and most experienced freedivers. Jesper Stechmann will show you why freediving is one of the fastest growing watersports right now and let you experience the feeling of freedom under water.

You will try:

Breathing session for freediving

Breathhold session in pool or confined water.

Evaluation and guidance on how to proceed with freediving.

If you decide to take our Learn to Freedive course this course will be for free

Prerequisites: Be 12 years or older

Duration: 2 ½ hours

Price: EUR 45

Enjoy the world underneath the sea

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