Being a freediving instructor is a very rewarding and hard job.
It requires you to be humble and able to meet your students where they are.
The main thing as an instructor is the ability to create a safe and comfortable setting for your students. A setting that will inspire and motivate your students to explore their own abilities under the surface.  

A life-changing experience – that is very often what the student will have under the guidance of a good instructor.
My best moments as an instructor is when I see in the student’s eyes  – that they have felt the magic and amazing feeling of being underwater in one breath.

Your training doesn’t necessarily stop with the Instructor Course- I will invite to events and webinars where we can discuss and develop together as instructors and coaches.



Dates (max spots pr course is four candidates )
May 9th – May 19th 2022( fully booked) 
July 11th – July 21st 2022 (fully booked)
September 2nd – September 12th (fully bokoed) 
October 31th – November 10th – 2022 ( ONE SPOT) 
November 22nd – December 1st (Closed course)


Price €2000
Accomodation incl. breakfast

Free training prior to course – good offer on accomodation. 

NB: We also offer Internships. ( up to three months including the Instructor Course)

Freediving Instructor – (9 intense days)

We will cover

  • Demonstration of your freediving SKILLS. You have to dive at INSTRUCTOR LEVEL and pass a SKILL set.
  • Theoretical exams that secure the Instructor Candidate has all the required knowledge on Physiology, safety, online system.
  • The main thing is the TEACHING SCENARIOS. Here the Instructor Candidate shows that the teaching situation, safety,technique, overview, and control is managed in a good way.
  • Most importantly training in HOW you can solve different challenges the students might have
  • How to teach equalization  – what are a common reason for problems with equalizing
  • How to group students to ensure optimal benefit for all.
  • Planning of courses
  • Economy in Courses
  • Dealing with ”nervous” students
  • Dealing with ”tough” students
  • Common mistakes in a teaching situation.
  • Most common potential dangerous situations
  • Most common challenges for students and how to unlock them.


You will go through

  • Theoretical Teachings – online
  • Self-study Online with quizzes and exams.
  • Training and execution of Skills at instructor level
  • Working with Risk Management.
  • Divesite Briefing – assess and brief on dive sites
  • Academic Teachings – You will give Theoretical Sessions on Freediving
  • Breathing and Stretching sessions – You will lead sessions
  • Pool Sessions –Here you will teach other students and be evaluated by the trainer and other students
  • Openwater Sessions Here you will teach other students and be evaluated by the trainer and other students

    We will also cover training scenarios outside of line diving, Freedivingsafari, Cave diving, etc.

You will meet yourself in the role of an instructor and you will gain from my experience as a freediving teacher/instructor/coach
through more than 20 years.
My experience in the freediving world is matched by few, and I am ready to let my passion for teaching inspire you to become a true ambassador for the great experience we call Freediving /Apnea
You will be ready to educate competent, safe and intelligent freedivers 



  • Free training with us prior to the course start.( We can help with accommodation) 
  • 10 days accommodation in our Innerdive Bnb. Including Breakfast.
  • Instructor Material
  • Online Course
  • Member of Innerdive Instructor Group
  • Weights during course

Does not include
Transport to and from Malta

Give me a call or send an email for further info
+356 7979 5067

I am looking forward to welcoming you here.







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