Freedivers by heart


Located on the beautiful Island Gozo, we offer freediving courses from beginner to instructor level, as well as internships, snorkeling tours, safari dives, workshops and breathing classes. 
Innerdive is a fantastic choice for freediving in Malta. With an experienced team, depth access from the shore, a great ranch of different divesites, caves and wrecks as a playground, we guarantee you will have the best freediving experience with us.
Join the Innerdive community and experience connection, joy and friendships in the water as well as on land. 

Hi, I’m  Jesper

“In freediving, as you go deeper, you explore both the ocean and yourself”

I am passionate about competitive freediving and have been world champion several times, as well as I love exploring caves, shipwrecks and underwater seascapes on one breath.
For me, freediving is just as much about exploring the underwater world as it is about exploring our inner worlds. And this is why I founded Innerdive in 2008 to share this passion for freediving with others.
We are located on the outermost edge of Gozo, the second island of Malta, in the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea where we have our school and guesthouse which have grown into a community of freedivers.

Together with my team of instructors, I guide people through their very first experiences of snorkelling and help them become experienced freedivers. We introduce them to explore caves safely and teach them about spearfishing. We also coach professional freedivers aiming to increase their depth and form freedivers in becoming certified instructors.

I am looking forward to welcoming you for a week at Innerdive!

Freediving and Climbing (November)

Freediving and climbing in gozo
Freedivin and climbing in gozo by innerdive