Freediving on Malta is amazing!

Malta is one of the best place to freedive as the sea around Malta is full of marine life and exciting wrecks and caves that you easily can explore. A great example is Malta’s blue hole at the Azure Window where you can dive out of the hole at just -7 meters. It is an amazing experience.

 Freedive no matter your level

To freedive on Malta is possible no matter your level. You can learn to freedive with us and if you already are an advanced freediver we can tailor make a program for you or take you on one of our stunning Freedive Safaris.

Innerdive Malta is founded by 4 x World Champion

Innerdive Malta is founded by Jesper Stechmann, a World Champion Freediver, and seeks to help people discover the magnificence of the oceans. Life begun in the oceans and when you freedive you get the chance to discover that a part of our mind and body still belong to the ocean. When you dive down to visit the silent, beautiful and intense world below the surface of our oceans, you will explore yourself in a new way and you will discover that you can do so much more that you thought.

Innerdive Malta is dedicated to give you all that we’ve got to show you the magnificence of the oceans

Innerdive Malta Offers

Learn to freedive

Learn to freedive

Take your first steps into the fantastic world of freediving. You will receive education that is tailored and perfect for just you.

Advanced Freediving

Advanced Freediving

Are you already a freedive and what to continue learning? We will tailor a course based on your level and skills so you can go even deeper and explore your self and your freediving with advanced techniques and training methods

Freedive Safari

Freedive Safari

On this trip you will get the chance to see some of Maltas best dive sites. Freedive Safari is tailor made freediving tours around Malta where we will visit some of it’s many famous wrecks and caves.

Where to find us:

Our address is:
Maxwell House,
57 Triq San Pietru

How to get there:

From the Ferryterminal at Mgarr:

 By bus:
Hop on one of the busses from Mgarr to Rabat(Victoria)
take the bus no. 312 from Victoria 
By taxi
A taxi to GHARB takes around 20 min

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