Becoming an instructor

We believe that in essence, passing on the joy of freediving is what it´s all about. Once you have become a comfortable freediver, we support you in perfecting your techniques and train you in passing them on to others, both on land and in the water – all that, while keeping the focus on collecting plenty of hours in the ocean in all types of settings from setting up the training buoys to exploring the underwater world safely.

For our instructor program, we offer two options: A condensed course, and an extended program. Both result in the Molchanov Instructor accreditations.

Then, once you have become a fully independent instructor, we are happy to talk about welcoming you into our team.

Instructor: Condensed course

1-2 weeks including accommodation, equipment and daily freediving – 2100€

In this condensed course, we guide you through all the details of what it entails to become a fully equipped freediving instructor: Theory requirements, giving breathing and preparation sessions, hosting static and dynamic pool sessions, and most importantly, being a well-rounded freediving instructor in the open waters. For this, our focus is on attention to safety, as well as on experiencing and equipping you to be a competent instructor in all types of settings from setting up training buoys in diverse locations, to exploring the natural underworld safely.

Courses 2024

In 2024, we are offering instructor courses in the following weeks: June 24 – July 3, August 10 – August 19 and November 2 – November 11

Instructor: Extended program

Up to 2 months including accommodation, equipment and daily freediving – 2100€

In this extended program, you will receive the same content and accreditations as in the condensed course, but with a vast extension of hours to practice them both for yourself, and co-training students together with an experienced instructor. Through this extended stay, you will experience a wide range of locations and situations, collecting up to a hundred hours of experience in the ocean, and are able to increasingly take over responsibility with students in the water.